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I miss your tasty smoothies. #CryBaby 😭😭


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Was having an opportunities to tried the newest camera from Samsung. SAMSUNG NX30. So I hang around the city to have some landscape photoshooting randomly. and here are the result from the camera. I only used the kit lens from the camera to have such a great photos like that. its even capture really good even in the low light condition.

so, grab yours as soon as possible. :D


"Both places are the landmark from my city, Bandung. Gedung Sate (1 &2) and Pasupati Skyline (3 &4)."



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#Quoted “Life is a Beach! I’m just playing in the sand.”

Been so long not posting something on my blog! Just got some picture of me at the beach. suddenly crossed in mind to make some photo-quotes again. Hope you guys doing well today. If you guys wanna ask something, just feel free to leave something for me to reply. :D




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